Catering and Hospitality Equipment

  Food services equipment


  Food trucks

  Appliances and whitegoods


  Catering supplies and equipment

Locksmith and Security

–  Master keying

–  Garage remotes

–  Automotive keys

–  Safes

Air-Control Systems

–  Air-conditioning systems and equipment

–  Heating systems and equipment

–  Industrial pumps and compressors

–  Ventilation systems and equipment

Building and Construction

–  Bricks and blocks

–  Concrete and cement products

–  Tiles

–  Doors/windows/glass

–  Joinery and cabinet making

–  Paint

–  Fencing

–  Glazing supplies and services

–  Plumbing fixtures and services

–  Roofing services

Advertising, Design and Signwriting

–  Website design

–  Graphic design

–  Printing and publishing

–  Video production and editing

–  Banners

–  Signage (safety, digital, council and road signs)

Machinery & Equipment

–  Motor vehicles (purchase and hire)

–  Generators

–  Earth moving equipment

–  Elevated work platforms

–  Lifting equipment

–  Material handling machinery and equipment

Waste Services

–  Bin supply

–  Waste disposal (general, confidential and hazardous)

–  Recycling (general, green and contaminated)

–  Metal waste and scrap collection

Office and Shop Equipment

–  Furniture and fit-out

–  Office supplies and equipment

–  Point of sale systems

–  Shelving, storage and racking